Say “Merry Christmas”

A week ago, a friend sent a link to an entertaining Christmas song. At first, I chuckled and enjoyed it. I honestly didn’t give it much thought.

This morning, I am considering a good story, on Christmas. It’s Christmas and NOT Xmas. The lovely little Christmas song came to mind. I decided to give “Say Merry Christmas” a second look. I didn’t just revisit the link; I looked up the actual YouTube page. What did I find?

Before continuing, I’d suggest  you listen and watch the video. There is more to it than a protest of stores refusing to say, “Merry Christmas”.  Though I  chuckled, I did get the point. How about you? Am I the only one, who enjoyed it and got the point?

I know of many Christians, who do have a sense of humor and an appreciation for what the song is saying. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the anti-religious crowd. I checked the comment section of this video and I was not shocked. I’ve seen these bullies, before.

It seems they have no clue and they demonstrated a mean streak that’s sad to see. For one, they know not of what they speak. These bullies accuse Christians of many hateful things. Yet, they are practicing the very things that they accuse Christians.

I have seen more intelligent comments from Wiccans than the thugs visiting the comment section. At least, they have their facts straight. The evergreen tree is an echo of the one used for Winter Solstice; however, we don’t use it for the same purpose.

As for Christmas Day, it takes place, shortly after Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Did you ever think of why the 25th Of December was chosen? It has nothing to do with pagan traditions.  Do the days not grow longer; after the day with the shortest amount of daylight?  Fascinating, isn’t it?

Christmas Day is just a few days, before the New Year and the days continue to grow longer. It’s not a coincidence. When I discovered the truth, Christmas truly became my favorite holiday. It was already an enjoyable experience; however, my enjoyment grew when I learned the truth.

The birth of my Savior is the reason that I celebrate Christmas. The song did serve to remind the listeners, and it also acknowledges the fun part of Christmas. Yes, I am talking about giving gifts, Santa and all the rest. By itself, there is nothing wrong; however, they are not supposed to take center stage.

Let’s not be intimidated by the anti-religious crowd; for they are nothing more than thugs. In truth, they are in desperate need of prayers and they do not know it. There is a veil over their eyes and they are blind.

As for the stores, I would encourage prayer for the store owners. Pray that they’d have the courage to stand up and not be afraid the anti-religious crowd. It is not easy to stand up to such bullies. 

I would also encourage Christians, to go into those stores; and not avoid such stores. Are we not supposed to be light in a dark world?  Why do we hide our light under a basket? It is not your money that’s needed by the store owners.

It’s the light within you that’s needed. What is this Light? It is the Hope of Glory. For this reason, I don’t entirely like what’s being proposed. Let’s go out and share Christ.

I will end this, by saying “Merry Christmas” to one and all. If you’re Jewish then, I will say “Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas!” Have a blessed New Year – a day to celebrate a new hope and a passing of the old.


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