The Typewriter

Did you ever go through something and asked, “Why am I going through this? Why do I have to take this blasted typing class?” For me, this class was fraught with frustration and difficulties. I hated it.

The four years of typing were a lesson in torture. My typing teacher didn’t help by saying, “Keep your eyes on the paper and not the typewriter!” I hated it! I was angry and frustrated with her. If the old IBM Selectric typewriter weren’t so heavy then I’d be tempted to do something stupid.


I simply couldn’t see the value in taking the class. My poor attitude did not help the situation and it is likely to have shown through. Why the anger? What was the source of my frustration?

For the records, my typing teacher is really a sweet lady. She had one problem, though. I am very nearsighted. Though I could see the paper and something typed on it; I’d no way of actually reading what I just typed.

If I take the paper out of the typewriter, then I’d have the arduous task realigning the paper with the typewriter keys. For a nearsighted person, this is not a fun task. I had complained, “Why do I need to take this class? I knew not what lies before me and I’d find my new typing skills, invaluable. Yet, my Father knew of my future needs.

In my last year of high school, I took an elective class. This class would change my life in a totally unexpected way. It would prove to be my ticket to freedom. What was this class?

It was an introduction to computers. I took this class in 1983. The computer was a state of the art, TRS-80 Mark III computer. The class was on basic computer programming and everyone thought I was a natural.

How so? They could see the excitement in my face; as I would type lines of codes into the computer. Though I did enjoy basic programming; there was a secondary reason. It is staring you, in the face.

To paraphrase my old typing teacher, it does help to look at the computer screen.” I could finally see what I am typing! In those days, I had to look closely at the old monochrome screen. In time, I’d be introduced to things like screen magnifiers and other great tools.

The funny thing is, my typing classes began paying off when I started learning the computer. Today, I am thankful for what computer teacher and Mrs. Dansby has done, for me. Yes, I am thankful for my typing teacher, Mrs. Dansby.

For a visually impaired person, touch typing is an invaluable skill and a time saver. Those countless hours of drilling my fingers to feel their ways to the right keys have paid off. My fingers do know where to go. If I used the “hunt and peck” method, then I’d spend extra time visually looking for the right keys. Though possible, my typing would take a lot longer and typing would be a road of great frustration.

Looking back, I can definitely say my Father has certainly directed my steps. If I had not taken those typing classes, then I could not seriously consider writing anything; let alone this blog post. In spite of my poor attitude, my Father is faithful in providing for my needs and carefully directed my path.

My Father knew the skills that I’d need. So, God brought the right people into my path, during my years at Manchester Twp. High School and Stockton State College. They would help in teaching the needed skills. In time, my Father blessed me with the right tools.

When I consider what Paul says in Romans 8:28-29, I am no longer surprised. I simply look at my personal history and I can see the evidence of my Father’s goodness. In it, Paul says God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Are you stuck somewhere? Are you asking, “Why am I taking this frustrating class for?” Is it something else? Don’t be afraid to talk with God, the Father. It’s okay to share your frustrations with Jesus.

If I had talked with Jesus, a young man then my attitude would have changed. Did you notice the differences in attitude when I learned the computer? My attitude was one of joy, excitement and interest. What would have happened, if I had a similar attitude towards typing?

It’s never too late to change one’s attitude or in this case, repent.


3 thoughts on “The Typewriter

  1. Skills are integral part of GOD’S blessings’ these are GOD’S blessings of talents to almost all of us in this world. Skills constitute not only as your talent but also is consistent and aligned to your intelligence. Your mind is the source of our intelligence where skills come from. GOD’s thoughts are not our thoughts, HIS ways are not our ways, that we don’t totally understand HIM, but faith allows us to trust GOD that HE knows what is best for us as GOD brings and carries us through our many journeys in life. Thanks and praise GOD and be grateful always for all HIS many countless blessings HE pours to us continuously for all the days of living our life as HIS Children of the earth. Amen.

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