Somebody Does Cares!

A couple of years ago, my mother and I moved back into the Whiting area of Manchester Township. When I first lived in that area, it was largely empty and there were a few retirement homes. Whiting was the same as living out in the boonies.

When I left for Stockton State College in 1983, I never imagined living back here. It was too isolated an area and it was a 30 minute drive to either Toms River or Lakehurst. The road going to Lacey did not exist. Without public transportation, I would be totally stranded. Oh the joke would be on me, if I had talked with my Father on April 1, 1983!

My Father would likely have chuckled and smiled at my shortsighted view of my future. Where am I living, today? My Father knows how to work all things, for the good of those who love Him. [Romans 8:28]. God does know how to help.

There were two major flaws with my faulty thinking. For one, I did not know of Somebody Cares Inc. or America’s Keswick. These two wonderful organization have been in Whiting, since 1975 or earlier. There were other surprises in my areas; I would later discover. I’ll give you, a couple of hints: the Church community of Whiting

The second flaw is my not knowing the future. In 1983, Whiting was largely a residential area with very little in the area of commerce. You had to travel to Toms River for any real selection of stores or restaurants. In time, this situation would totally change.

What prompted all this? My mom suffers from a mild form of dementia and she needs care at the Pines, a local nursing home. We’ve arranged for my mother to come home, twice a week.

Sherrie is a home health aide, who graciously helped us in this endeavor. Thankfully, my mother brought a small place that’s centrally located in Whiting, NJ. It’s a 10 minute walk to the Pines.

This morning, I went to the Heritage Family Restaurant with Sherrie and my mother. Heritage is a local restaurant owned by my brother. It’s a great place for family and friends to see my mother. As I sat and enjoyed breakfast, I was thinking of the strings of people who my Father has brought to help.

My mother never imagined her current situation; however, my Father knew and prepared a place. My Father knew that I was going to need a community of friends  to help, in caring for my mother. These friends would either come from my home church, Shore Vineyard and the larger Christian community in Whiting, NJ.

Here’s something to produce a smile: I’ve been going to a friend’s house, for a Bible study. It’s in a nearby retirement community in Whiting. Though Penny goes to my church; the majority come from surrounding local churches in our area.

 Guess what line of work many of these people are in? Caregivers, Home Health aide and a couple that does a chaplaincy at another nursing home. Guess who proved to be of help when this roller-coaster started, a year ago? I can say the same for two other places.

When I first moved to my current home, it was suggested I volunteer at Somebody Cares Inc. Cares provides services for seniors living in the nearby retirement communities. You can find out more by calling (732) 350-1400, between 9 a.m. and 12 noon.

In my heart, I knew they’d prove to be quite helpful though I didn’t see the dementia. Thankfully, my Father saw it and opened a door for me. Even better, God provided a second place to volunteer.

I visited St. Elizabeth and I was directed to the Food Pantry at Community Reform Church. I was open to the idea and I proceeded to contact them. It did not take long before I’d have a ride to and from the Food Pantry. It doesn’t stop there; as my mother has some good friends, too.

God, the Father has a funny way of bringing the right people into one’s life. What good Father wouldn’t care to help His child? Did you ever think of who God has introduce into your life? Did you ever ask God, about it? This includes the annoying personality in your church or workplace.

Do you ever see yourself, as a blessing to others? Do you ever think of how God is using you to bless someone else? Have you asked God, about this idea of being a blessing?


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