The Sound Of Music

Last week, I was looking for songs written by Fanny Crosby. Who’s Fanny Crosby? She’s a blind songwriter from the 19th Century. You can find out more, at the above link. The woman has written a great variety of wonderful hymns that’s still sung today. I was on; where I found an MP3 file called “Blessed Assurance”  “Great! I could add this to my collection”, so I thought.

I’m rather eclectic when it comes to music. Right now, I’m listening to: Joslin Grove Choral Society, George Beverly Shea, Heather Clark and Jeremy Riddle. I have also added some southern gospel to the current playlist.

After listening to the “Blessed Assurance” sample music on, one could tell that the CD is geared towards lovers of classic hymns and traditional music arrangement. Liking the music, I proceeded to read the reviews. What did I find?

After praising the music, the reviewer proceeded to trash more contemporary arrangement of those great songs. I thought,”What is this?” I was struck by the reviewer’s opinionated view of contemporary music.  Not all contemporary music are bad! The same applies to classical hymns.

As I considered the reviewer’s comment, I am recalling an earlier conversation with a friend or two. Guess what? My friend was saying the same thing; except it’s going the other way.

My friend is a fan of contemporary cutting edge worship music.  It’s about appealing to young people. The theory is, modern musical arrangement would do a better job of draw young people into the church. He does have a point. He didn’t want anything to do with traditional music.

I’d love to put these two comedians, in the same room. Could you imagine the conversation? In truth, I have more confidence in my friend than the reviewer. He’s not that bad. I suspect my friend likes giving me, a hard time for my music taste.

There is a better way. It’s called sharing a lesson learned.

Have you heard of the Lakeland Revival, from a few years ago? If not, it is okay. The event took place in Lakeland, Florida. What’s important is this. The event  featured some popular contemporary music artists.

A common feature of many contemporary music is the repetitive nature of certain song lyrics. For me, it can be over done. It also does not help when the musical instruments are louder than the singer.

While watching the Lakeland Revival on my computer, there was a woman singing “Overcome”. As she was singing a key verse, I felt a sense of annoyance. I’m not a fan of such repetition.

Immediately, I felt a need to talk with my Father. I shared what’s going on, in my heart. I asked for help with what’s happening. All the while, the young woman continued to sing. Did God agree with my opinion? No, my Father didn’t agree with me.

As I prayed, the Holy Spirit kindly helped me, to repent of my attitude.  I was wrong to pass judgement. Just because I have difficulty with a certain style of music; it’s no reason to pass judgement. I will say it, again. It’s not the music style that’s important. It’s what’s being sung.

As for the young lady, she has a variety of songs I do love. Plus, she also does something that I’ve often wanted. What’s that? How about listening to the singing of Scripture? In fact, I have 3 of her CDs.  Who’s this remarkable woman? Does the name, Heather Clark ring a bell?

Could I’ve done this, if I had a judgmental attitude?


3 thoughts on “The Sound Of Music

    1. Hi Sean,

      It’s true that we get so wrapped up in our opinion on style of music and forget to look at the lyric. The lyrics are often the key; as it can convey powerful truths in the for of a song. Music style is a matter of taste and sometimes a practical need.

      I praise God, for Christians who use heavy metal to reach so many young people. However, you will never get me inside a heavy metal concert. Too loud!

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