Where Is Your Hope?

Yesterday, I received news of a man suffering from cancer.  The doctors are not giving John, much hope.  In their opinion, John has about six months.  Thankfully, John and many of his friends know of a certain specialist.  Yes, I am talking about Jesus.

My friends and I are certainly praying and asking God to heal John and see him live well beyond what the doctors think.  I am looking forward to writing something about John surviving to the next decade.  Such is my own expectations of seeing John healed of cancer.

This morning, a question came to mind and I knew who was asking.  The Spirit asked, “Where is your hope?”  The question came in response to my inquiring about what to write.  My mind was also thinking of a young man named Chris.  The man is doing quite well for someone who’s supposed to be dead of cancer, four years ago.  I was also thinking of another friend who died; in spite of our prayers.

Where is your hope? Is it in the miraculous healings?  These were the questions I was being asked and I’m asking you.  Here is my response.  My hope lies in Jesus and not in the miracles Jesus is able to do.  Yes, I love it when Jesus heals someone like Chris of cancer; however, my hope does not lay there. It lies with Jesus.

Because Jesus is my Rock and fortress, I am not greatly shaken by the storms of life.  It is for this reason, I was only sadden when Rick died and not shaken or disappointed.  Like Rick, my hope lies with who Jesus and not what He does.

What of the signs and wonders, you’ve heard of?  What of the glory cloud reportedly seen at Bethel Church in California?  What of Toronto Blessings?  My hope does not lies in the spectacular moves that I hear of.

Though I would love to go and visit the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church and see it, for myself.  Yet, my hope does not lay with what is happening at John Arnott‘s church.  It lies within me.  It comes from knowing Jesus and through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Would I have liked to have gone? Yes, I would like to go.  However, I can’t go due to financial reasons.  Yet, it doesn’t bother me for my hope does not lay with signs and wonders.  It lies with knowing Jesus and enjoying His presence.  It’s a presence that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Where does your hope lies?  Does it lay with who God, the Father is?  Does it lay in what God is able to do?  Where is your focus?


3 thoughts on “Where Is Your Hope?

  1. As the Dos Equis Beer commercial guy says: “Stay thirsty, my friend”…I really enjoyed this post and it is so full of Truth! Soon, I think, we will all be able to partake of the Holy Spirit as He mainfests Himself in a special way when many are gathered together…My prayer is that He move in a powerful and far-reaching way. I pray for revival.

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