The Gift of Help

When I took the Wagner’s Spiritual Gifts Inventory, the “gift of help” was one of my spiritual gifts. This gift can be defined as a strong desire to help other people. How does one go about developing such a spiritual gift? The gift of “help” is both easy and yet challenging. It is easy because all one need do is, “help”. The challenge is in knowing when to help, when not to help and how to help.

Some time ago, Shore Vineyard Church hosted a Spaghetti Dinner and Coat Drive. I came upstairs to see if help was needed with the tables. I noticed the tables needed to be set. So I offered to help, if need be. Though appreciated, the offer was refused. The plan was for the youth group to take care of setting the tables. As no help was needed upstairs, I returned to sorting out the coats, downstairs.

Here is why the gift of help can be a challenge. If I had gone ahead and set the tables, without asking, I would have likely robbed other people of an opportunity to serve and to be included in the night’s event.

Our blessings come not based on the things we do. Rather, they come from the spirit of which the help is given. For God sees what is in our hearts and knows the motives behind the willingness to help.


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