Nothing Is Wasted

As I sit here, pondering what to write, I am struck with a sense of irony.

Over the years, I had sought to design web sites. To do so, I endeavored to study what it took build one. There is a lot more to it then putting on a pretty face. In the 90s, I discovered that I needed to learn HTML. Simply put, HTML is a script that tells your browser, what to do. It is why certain words can appear italicized or bold.

Though I never did get into web design, the skills acquired in my endeavors were not to be wasted. Care to guess how I created bold texts and texts in italic?

I studied Political Science, at Stockton State College. Outside my participation with some advocacy groups in Phoenix, AZ, I never did much with that major. For some years, I felt as if it was wasted time and efforts. This is just not so! Let’s see. For the better part of 2008,it seems God has been placing on my heart to pray for the Presidential Election. To some extent, I certainly do enjoy following the national news and occasionally praying for our government. Though, I am far from passionate, it is one that seem to be growing. Gee, I thought that major wasted??

It is from God, the Father that each person is given a gift, whether it be spiritual or natural. It is from God who bless each person with one or more talents. It is God, who enables each person to acquire one or more set of skills in his or her life. However, it is up to us to choose how they will be used. We can choose to use these gifts, talents and skills for our own benefits. Or, we can say, “Lord Jesus, I am available. Please use me, to your glory.” If we’d be sincere, be assured that God will respond.

It is popularly said, “God is interested in our availability and not our abilities.” This is quite true and yet I say this. There is nothing wasted when it comes to God. He will use your time, gifts, talents and skills in many a surprising way. All God needs is your willingness. Let God deal with how and when something is used. He’ll use then and it will surprise you how God will do so.


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