Never Say Never

Who me? Teach? Write? If you had asked me, several years ago, I’d have said, “No way! I’m not a teacher and neither am I writer. With God, “Never Say Never!” Seven years ago, while attending a church in Phoenix, Arizona, I first learned about “spiritual gifts”, special gifts or talents given by the Holy Spirit to believers in Christ to serve or minister to one another. Many are mentioned in the Bible such as prophesying, giving, serving, encouraging, teaching, etc. (See Rom. 12, Ephesians 4, 1 Cor. 12-14).

I took the Wagner’s Spiritual Gifts Inventory and the gift of teaching came up as one of my major gifts. I pictured myself standing in front of a church or small group of people talking on a given topic and my initial reaction was, “Who, me? Who am I to teach? Who would listen to me?” I had a variety of other excuses for not really wanting to pursue this gift. The truth is, I was looking at my own strengths and weaknesses rather than relying on God’s strength and provisions.

Well, God had an answer for me. I had already written some secular articles for an Internet E-zine, but I never thought to use writing as a means of teaching spiritual principles and other things that God may want me to write. He gave me a vision. There wasn’t anything elaborate about the vision. It was a book with some writings and a lot of blank pages. The scene then faded to someone typing on a PC. The final scene was two books on the covers of which were a cross and a Star of David. I pondered over what this vision could mean. Could it be that God was telling me I would do some writing for His Kingdom?

Consequently I sought to return to freelance writing, this time composing stories that would teach biblical principles and ideas. It was not long before these writings would end up on my web site. Yes, I started pursuing the task that I believe God had called me to.

In spite of my accomplishments, I still struggle with self-doubts and fears. What then? Do I sit and twiddle my thumbs in fear of potential failures? Or, do I place my trust in God Almighty and pursue what God has called me to do? This doesn’t mean that I won’t make mistakes, but hopefully I will learn from them. That will be far better than living in the “grey twilight land of ‘Never Try’


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