I’m an Original?

Did you know that you are a unique person and there is no one else like you? Believe it or not, each one of us is a unique creation of God, an original. There really is no one who is exactly like you and me.

Years ago, my high school biology teacher said that each person was born with a unique set of genes. Even a clone would not be exactly like the original person.  The line about “breaking the mold” had more truth than we realized.  Given what we know now about cloning, it seems my old science teacher was more right than he thought.  I do not know for certain, it may be that he had Psalm 139 in mind.

In this psalm, the Psalmist was essentially declaring that each of person is a unique creation of God. Each human being is fearfully and wonderfully made. How true this is.  Regardless who we are, each person was given a unique set of personalities, characteristics and a divine spark, if you will.

There really no such thing as a carbon copy or doppelganger of any human being.  Even if someone should look like me, this person will not be me.  Everything about us has subtle to dramatic differences. We will not have walked exactly the same path, our personality will be subtlety different and so will the purpose that God has for each of us. Think about it, this is just how original you are. Each one is precious in the sight of God.


One thought on “I’m an Original?

  1. So true! So many people don’t realize the fact that we all are original. We need to embrace each other’s differences because we are made in God’s image. It is our uniqueness that enables us to learn from one another, and gain new perspectives. I like how you turned your life’s challenges into something positive. You have sheer determination to help others like I do. It seems as though you are really “embracing the bigger picture.”

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