The Persistent Cat

Honey is a very fascinating cat.  Every time, my mother arrives home, the cat would literally sit by the front door and awaits for her to come in.  Wherever my mother walks about, the cat would shadow her.  It is amazing that my mother has not tripped over Honey.  The large cat is but an inch away from her.  “Honey! Get out of my way!” yells my mom.  “You’re going to trip me, one of these days!”

It is almost comical to watch this black feline with white stripes persistently chasing after my mother.  It’s almost as if Honey is saying, “I want your attention and you’re going to give it.  I won’t leave you alone, until you give me what I want!”

As for me, I have my own Honey and it won’t leave me, alone!  Praise God for those precious persistent dreams that are instilled in one’s heart.  Each person is given a dream or a personal vision that calls to them.  About thirteen years ago, I had a strong sense that God was placing a desire to write in my heart.  I’d only written a couple of articles for OS/2 Ezine and had no clear idea of where to go.  I suddenly found myself with a vision of a book then a picture of a man sitting in front of a PC.  It was me and I was typing something.   Though I have had taken some stabs, at writing; I didn’t have a strong sense of this being of God or self.

This dream had stayed with me, over the years.  Though I haven’t always been faithful in my writings, the dream was quite faithful to remind me of my personal calling.  Like a certain cat, it just won’t leave me alone.  This is a good thing, for we all need such reminders.  Funny thing is, God isn’t just faithful to remind of what he calls us to.

God is faithful in providing help and solutions.  Some time ago, I ran into a period of strong doubts and uncertainty about my writing skills and the feeling of insecurity that comes with it.  First, God provided affirmation by my meeting a couple of professional writers.  “You have the skills and the potential to be a good writer.  You need to keep pressing in, though”, they said.  This did more for me than just hearing it, from some friends.  Oddly enough, one friend suggested that I sharpen my axe. The other suggested taking some classes.  God was providing counsel and a solution through the Commission f/t Blind of NJ.  I sharpened my axe by taking some classes at Gotham Writers on the Internet.

God is also faithful to point you in the right direction and will sometime give you a push. However, there is one thing God is not going to do.  I’m not a zombie or some puppet.  I have to take a step forward and write.  I have to make an effort, for the dream to become alive.  I believe John Wimber once said, “We all get to play and God wants to work through us and with us”.

Each person has a dream or something that has its origin with God, the Father.  You know that the dream or calling is from God, when it won’t leave you alone.  It will stay with you; even if you try to walk away.  Such has been the case with writing.  How can one tell, if it is not from God?  If you can put it down and walk away and it doesn’t act like my mother’s cat than guess what?  It is likely not from God.

Seek the Lord and ask him, to reveal it.  Seek God and ask for confirmations.  Rest assured, God will answer those who seek him, earnestly.  I should tell you, this one little fun fact.  God has this curious habit of actually answering you. It may even be that you will hear a still small voice whispering in your heart.  It may be that he’ll answer through a friend. Some times, I was talking with Ivan and asked “What does God want me to do?” He saw my old site and said “Eh, Barry…”


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