A new pair of glasses??

“I never thought of you, as disabled…just different” says one friend.  I’ve actually been told this, by quite a few old and new friends.  It seems I was the only person seeing my limitations.  Did something happen here?  Did my old friends become blind and I sighted?  I think NOT!  The same can be said of many at my church, Shore Vineyard.  To add to the fun, I had a strange encounter when talking with God, once.

“Barry, I don’t see your disability,” is what I heard.  You can imagine the look on my face.  “Father, would you like to borrow my glasses?” I asked in surprise.  “I see you, just fine,” the still quiet voice chuckled.  “I am not interested in your outward appearance.  It is your heart that I’m after,” came the soft reply.

It appears that I’m the one who needed a new pair of glasses.  One that isn’t bogged down by false ideas and perception of myself.  Yes, I do have physical limitations; however, my personal view did not line up with what my friends actually thought.  Even more, it wasn’t what God thought.  I was too busy believing falsehoods.

I have to credit Jesus with giving me, a new pair of glasses and getting rid of the old one.  One of many starting point is to not to worry so much about the opinions of other people.  A second would be to know Christ, as a true Friend, Savior and Lord.  As my friends will tell you, it was not an overnight process.  It took time.


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